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Advantages and Disadvantages of Open Floor Plans

With more than four decades of experience, First Texas Homes builds and sells residential homes in various Texas markets. To provide its customers with a high level of flexibility in the design of their houses, First Texas Homes allows buyers to make changes to the floor plan as the house is being built.

In recent years, open floor plans have become standard in many homes. These floor plans feature a combination living room, dining room, and kitchen. Since no walls are separating these areas, the home feels larger.
Open floor plans also provide more natural light since sunlight from windows is not impeded by walls. In addition, open floor plans also make watching the kids and socializing with guests easier.
However, open floor plans are not for everyone. Homeowners must make sure open areas stay tidy since a messy spot or a sink full of dirty dishes can be seen from anywhere. Noise and kitchen odors travel through open floor plans easier, and family members have less privacy.
For these reasons, many homeowners prefer a closed floor plan, which separates the floor into distinct private rooms. This can create a cozy feel in each room, and energy bills are often lower because unused rooms do not have to be heated or cooled.

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