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Texas Home Prices and Sale Numbers Continue Rising in 2018

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In September 2018, the Texas Association of Realtors released the results of the 2018-Q2 Texas Quarterly Housing Report. According to the report, both the median price of homes in Texas and the number of homes sold in the state continued rising.

In the second quarter or 2018, 100,227 homes were sold. Compared to the second quarter of 2017, this was a 2.8-percent increase.
Meanwhile, the median sales price, $238,000, was 4.4-percent higher in the second quarter of 2018 than in the second quarter of 2017. Most of the homes sold during this period were priced between $200,000 and $299,999; only 29.2 percent of homes sold were in the $100,000 to $199,999 range. These reports indicate that the demand for homes in Texas has remained high in 2018 despite the limited supply of homes.

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