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Ways Homebuilders Make Homes More Energy-Efficient

First Texas Homes

A leading homebuilder in the Dallas area, First Texas Homes was founded by a family with almost a half-century of experience in the industry. Firmly committed to constructing energy- efficient residences, First Texas Homes has been awarded Environmental Protection Agency recognition for meeting or exceeding Energy Star guidelines.

Homeowners save 10 percent annually on their utility bills with Energy Star-certified homes. Over the years, that savings can add up to thousands of dollars. Several aspects of the homebuilding process contribute to meeting energy-efficiency standards. For instance, proper insulation practices can lower energy consumption. For a home to be Energy Star-certified, insulation installers must take care to avoid any gaps or voids in order to create airtight barriers. In addition, Energy Star builders make efforts to minimize heat flow through strategic framing of the house, ensuring more consistent temperatures throughout the structure.
High-performance windows also contribute to energy savings and the Energy Star rating. Evolving manufacturing technologies, such as protective coatings and draft-free frames, help keep homes warm in winter and cool in summer. The UV coating on Energy Star windows also helps block rays that can fade carpets and upholstery.

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